Published On: December 18, 2023

1.  Stretching & foam rolling

Spend 10-15 min. in the morning and evening moving through stretches for your neck, shoulders and chest, wrists, legs and ankles. Hold each stretch for 60 seconds so the muscle has time to release and lengthen. Remember to perform these stretches gently and within a comfortable range of motion. If you experience any pain or discomfort stop and take it back to a comfortable stretching position.

To keep it interesting, alternate days of stretching and foam rolling! Again, spending 10-15 min in the AM and PM rolling around on your foam roller…back, legs, inside of legs, calfs…This could help alleviate soreness and tightness that makes normal everyday movements tough.

2.  Mindful breathing

This simple yet powerful technique can help you regain calm and reduce stress! Just close your eyes, take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds and exhale slowly. This exercise enhances mindfulness, bringing you into the present moment and away from outside distractions. Even better…step outside and breathe in our fresh Tahoe air, talk about healing and cleansing the inner soul.

3.  5 4 3 2 1 Workout

Some of you may have heard of this or even done it. It’s so easy and can be done anywhere anytime. In the morning, at lunch, at night, in your hotel, on the beach…literally anywhere! The best part is it only takes 15 total minutes!

Here’s how it goes: 5 minutes of cardio (5 exercises for 1 min each), 4 minutes of lower body (4 exercises for 1 min each), 3 minutes of upper body (3 exercises for 1 min each), 2 minutes of core (2 exercises for 1 min each), 1 minute of cardio (1 exercise for 1 minute). DONE!!! If you need suggestions on exercises feel free to reach out, I’m happy to help!

4.  Yoga

There are so many benefits to yoga, improved flexibility, helps with back pain, reduces anxiety and builds muscle strength, just to name a few.  That being said, fInd your favorite yoga master on YouTube!  There are TONS of FREE yoga channels ranging from 10 minutes and on to help you get your bend on!

5.  DANCE!!!!

Put on your favorite jam and dance to the entire song!  This will not only improve your mood, it will get that heart rate up for at least 5 minutes if not more…  talk about a fun way to burn some calories!  I’m currently dancing to, Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx, Ying Yang Twin, Mr. Collipark.  LOL!  So fun!!